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Get inspired by checking out the 2014 Youth Tour grantee projects!

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Aarushi Aggarwal | Frisco, TX | CoServ Electric

Aarushi's Project: Aarushi engaged nearly 200 kids in assembling Veteran Care Packages to send overseas. Together, they collected over $700 worth of food items and toiletries, packaged them, and delivered them to the staff at Support Our Troops in Denton, TX.

Impact: Aarushi says, "Small acts like these let those serving our country know that they are still appreciated... It also encouraged our members to take part in something larger than the city of Frisco."


Nicole Allerdings | Plevna, MT | Southeast Electric Cooperative

Nicole's Project: Nicole engaged her entire school in filling shoe boxes for children in need by assigning different tasks to each grade. Elementary classes created cards, coloring pages, bookmarks, bracelets, plastic drinking cups, and tote bags; high school students collected the items, and filled and wrapped the boxes. A total of 15 boxes were filled and delivered to deserving children for Christmas.

Impact: Nicole says "The students who donated items for the boxes were very enthusiastic to be bringing joy to children. They learned the importance of giving to others who are less fortunate and had fun creating gifts for them."


Jennifer Apple | Greenfield, IN | NineStar Connect

Jennifer's Project: Along with the National Honor Society at her school, Jennifer launched "Backpack Attack," a project which purchases essential school and hygiene supplies for less fortunate students.

Impact: With the generationOn grant, Jennifer purchased items to fill 15 backpacks for students at her school. Jennifer says, "I am positive that these materials will make a positive difference in my school and community."


Aaron Bible | St. Cloud, MN | Stearns Electric Association

Aaron's Project: As part of his Eagle Scout project, Aaron used the grant to help fund the purchasing and installation of a viewing telescope and informational sign about eagles, which was placed on an observational deck that overlooks an active bald eagles nest.

Impact: Aaron says that the viewing telescope will give local residents "a better chance to see an eagle family grow and to interact with nature."


Taylor Boonie | Petersburg, PA | Valley REC, Inc.

Taylor's Project: Taylor organized a volleyball tournament for high school students in order to create awareness of the Special Olympics and to raise money for the Olympics' softball coordinators to buy newer and safer bases. The high school students created teams and paid $5 per person to participate.

Impact: Taylor says, "When the students heard about the tournament... so many were interested in participating. The community also sent in donations when they heard about the reason for the tournament."


Katherine Brady | Piedmont, SC | Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Katherine's Project: Katherine is the coordinator of Healing Harmonies, a project offering high school musicians at Wren High School the opportunity to use their talents to bring music to patients awaiting cancer treatment at the Anmed Health Cancer Center. Healing Harmonies helps foster a concern for the community among the high school musicians who visit the center and encourages them to lead by serving others.

Impact: Katherine used the grant to develop a Healing Harmonies website and to organize a Christmas program at the cancer center in December.


Jacob Elrod | Boaz, AL | Marshall-DeKalb Electric Cooperative

Jacob's Project: Jacob used his grant to implement the "Blessings in a Backpack" initiative. Every week, he packs enough food to last a weekend for a student who may not otherwise have sufficient access to meals.

Impact: Jacob says that this project "means the world to the kids it helps... Seeing how these kids don't even have food at home sometimes just breaks my heart. It makes me happy to know we can help them in some way."


Corrine Hinds | Walnut Creek, CA | Truckee-Donner PUD

Corrine's Project: In 2011, Corrine founded Warm Winters, an organization that partners with ski resorts to collect unclaimed lost-and-found warm clothing items and then gives them to the homeless. Corrine used the generationOn grant to expand her operation from 5 ski resorts in California to 17 resorts in eight states.

Impact: So far, Corrine has collected 300 items of clothing for the homeless, and anticipates she will collect over 6,000 items in 2015.


Ashley Hopper | Marshfield, MO | Webster Electric Co-op

Ashley's Project: For her service project, Ashley partnered with Rare Breed, a facility for homeless teenagers from ages 13 to 21. Using the generationOn grant, Ashley took each teen in the facility out for a night of pizza, mini-golfing, and bowling.


Caitlin Kruckenberg | Garrison, IA | East-Central Iowa REC

Caitlin's Project: Along with friends and family, Caitlin used the generationOn grant to make over 60 blankets, which were delivered to children in Iowa through Project Linus.

Impact: Caitlin says, "These blankets let the children know how much we care about them and that they are loved, even if it may not seem like it from their situation in life."


Tessa Otto | Kennan, WI | Price Electric Cooperative

Tessa's Project: Tessa transformed the guidance counselor's office at her school into a safe haven for kids who may not have one at home. Along with volunteers, she painted the walls, added a couch, installed light covers and lamps to soften the fluorescent lights, and equipped the room with a hot water urn for hot chocolate and tea.

Impact: Tessa says, "The room went from being a sterile unapproachable area to a warm welcoming atmosphere with help from the generationOn grant... If students ever need to talk to someone, I hope that they peek in and find comfort in our school."


Jenna Podany | Clarkson, NE | Stanton County PPD

Jenna's Project: Jenna updated the Clarkson City Park's toddler area in order to make it safer and more fun for the kids. She dug out weeds, added new sand to the area, and purchased and assembled a toddler playhouse.

Impact: Jenna says, "Many parents in my community have told me how eager their children are to play on it in the spring... Now, my town has a fun and safe place for toddlers and young children to enjoy."


Jacob Rose | Salina, KS | DS&O Rural Electric Co-op Assn.

Jacob's Project: Jacob used the grant from generationOn to bake cheesecakes for "Cheesecake for Change," an annual bake sale that benefits Sheaves for Christ.

Impact: The money raised from the sale went towards an orphanage in Tupelo, Mississippi to provide residents with food, board, and education.


Maria Schwader | Winfred, SD | Central Electric Cooperative

Maria's Project: Maria teamed up with the Howard National Honor Society Members and an elementary after-school program to host an event at a local assisted living center. The students prepared gift bags for the residents, and during the event, they performed a Christmas program that culminated in the decoration of a Christmas tree.

Impact: Maria says that by "bringing the community's youth into the lives of the elderly, and vice-versa, this project has sparked a connection between the many generations in our community." She plans to continue the event in future years and hopes that it will "prove to be a learning experience for the young students as they listen and absorb the wisdom of their elders, as well as a joyful opportunity for the elders to share these stories with the upcoming generations."


Kaelan Smith | Clinton, IL | Corn Belt Energy Corporation

Kaelan's Project: Kaelan organized a community autism awareness fair in his hometown, which was designed to help individuals with autism become more engaged in their community, and to raise donations for organizations that provide services to those with the illness. During the fair, families listened to speakers and participated in games and activities such as face painting.

Impact: Kaelan says that his fair was successful not only in raising awareness, but also in promoting appreciation for the gifts of those with autism.


Brette Stockmaster | Attica, OH |North Central Electric Coop, Inc.

Brette's Project: Brette recently launched "Plant a Pot," a program designed to make senior citizens in her hometown smile. Together with some fellow Youth Tour members, Brette hand paints and plants flowers in terracotta pots and delivers them to senior citizens. Brette used the grant to cover the costs of materials for her "Plant a Pot" initiative.


Alexandria Swain | Lexington, NC | EnergyUnited

Alexandria's Project: Alexandria raised money to buy school supplies for the New Kituwah Academy, which has grown over the last ten years to teach over 90 children, aged 7 months to 10 years, about the Cherokee language, customs, and folklore. The Academy enables these children to carry on the culture of their people, and provides them with self-confidence, pride in their heritage, education, and a support system for the rest of their lives.

Impact: Along with 250 volunteers, Alexandria collected backpacks, lunch boxes, pens and pencils, notebooks, crayons, and other school supplies for children attending the New Kituwah Academy.


Caylin Tibbetts | Sansimon, AZ | Sulphur Springs Valley Elec. Co-op

Caylin's Project: Caylin initiated a literacy program in her school with the goal of increasing test scores and creating excitement around reading. She brought a professional storyteller onto her campus and updated the library's collection by ordering new books.

Impact: Caylin says, "There was a lot of excitement surrounding the storyteller. She captured the imagination of many of our students... It is our hope that they will turn to reading for more entertainment and enjoyment."


Morgan West | Cleveland, GA | Habersham EMC

Morgan's Project: Morgan launched the initiative, "Warrior Helping Organization," which provides a supply closet and other financial support to students in need. The students can access the supply closet privately, and it provides them with the basic necessities that they need to be confident and successful.

Impact: Morgan says that this project has "truly helped our peers feel better. Whether they are able to walk on graduation because of a gifted gown from W.H.O, or they are able to brush their teeth because of supplies from the closet, many of our peers have their needs met through the generosity of the community and the supplies we were able to buy through the grant from NRECA and generationOn."