Charles Orgbon

On how to mobilize youth in seven states to take a big bite out of global warming.

Title: Founder

Project: Greening Forward

Age: 15

Hometown: Dacula, Georgia


Through Greening Forward, youth-led Earth Savers Clubs in seven states have saved enough energy to power 5.22 homes for one year, take nearly 3 cars off of the roads, and conserve 86,000 gallons of water.

Special training or skills needed:

I was ambitious and driven.

How to overcome age discrimination:

When I started Greening Forward in elementary school many adults were not receptive to such a young leader. Although I had a supportive school and family, some adults in the community were reluctant to take my ideas seriously. I recall once sending an email to a local newspaper saying I was 12 and the staff writer responded and said, "12-year veteran in environmental advocacy?" These letdowns led to a point where I hesitated giving my age out over the phone or in email. Honestly, growing older helped overcome this the best, but I did not let this small obstacle become too big of an issue.

Tip: "You don't have to wait to make your mark." -President Barack Obama

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Helpful companies or agencies:

 Through a virtual mentorship, Earth Force taught me most of what I know today about development, non-profit leadership, and partnership building.

Tip: Earth Force = non-profit education

How to reach out to other orgs:

Taking the initiative to research like-minded organizations in my area helped me find Earth Force. 

Helpful stuff:

Earth911 is helpful in finding local recycling sites near you. It is amazing how easy this website makes recycling.


 I used this book to learn how to become a better writer. I am now teaching my teacher.

The Elements of Style By Strunk & E.B. White




I needed a computer with Internet access, printer, copier, phone, and lots of paper and pencils.

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I guest blogged on The White House's "For the Win".

How to jump on the movement:

Greening Forward is now showing other students how they can create their own youth-led environmental campaigns in their school or community. We have a neat civic action guide, how-to guides on social activism (i.e. working with the media, contacting government officials), mini-grants, and a network where other youth can share ideas. For more information about the network, please visit Any 2nd grade-college age youth group (i.e. school club, youth ministry, ect.) can join the network.