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Every Month generationOn invites parents and families to participate in service projects around monthly themes. We try to match children's interests to the type of service projects that will engage their creativity and excitement! Let's build a generation who understands the importance of volunteerism, community and empowerment. Use our resources to get started! 

July - Animal Welfare

Many kids and teens get their first experience with service through their love of animals. Service is best fueled by something we care about, and love for animals can be a strong motivation for taking action. There are small actions that can lead to larger projects such as walking a neighbor's dog leading to a community park clean-up for dog safety. The following resources will help motivate, educate, and guide your family as they make a difference in the lives of animals.  

Compassionate Education - Motivate!

Kids and teens can be inspired by the story of six year old Stevie and how he turned the heartbreak of losing his pet into motivation to raise money for and create an animal shelter in his area. Help your children understand that they can make a difference, no matter their age! Read more here.

Read Genivieve's story about how raising awareness in her class inspired her students to action. Find out the suprising results!

Fact Sheets - Educate!

Help your family learn about animals by reading through our fact sheet on animals! Animals in Need

Hungry for more information? Check out our list of online resources related to animal welfare. Find more here.

Projects- Guide!

Check out these project ideas for easy ways to get involved in creating a better world for our furry friends (and the scaly ones too!).