Tips and Tools for Organizations working with Youth Volunteers

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Why Use Youth Volunteers "At a time when many are worried that the United States is experiencing a general decline in civic and political engagement, volunteering appears particularly strong among today's young people. While volunteering is just one form of community involvement, research has shown that it is often connected to other forms of engagement, and, among youth, volunteering plays a valuable role in shaping how youth learn to interact with their community and develop the skills, values and sense of empowerment necessary to become active citizens." (Corporation for National and Community Service/ U.S. Census Bureau/Independent Sector 2005) This quote is from a study done by the CNCS in conjunction with the US Census Bureau and Independent Sector 2005. This latest survey reinforces previous surveys that suggest a growing interest in volunteerism among young people. This study reveals some additional facts. In 2005, 55% of people in the United States between the ages of 12 and 18 engaged in volunteer activities (15.5 million youth), which is almost twice the rate of adult volunteering (29%). Only 5% of students say they became involved with their volunteer activity through a school requirement. This tends to dispel the myth that young people are...

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