Family Food Drive

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With your family, hold a food drive in your neighborhood to feed families in need and create awareness about hunger in your community Here's what you're doing: Helping feed hungry or food-insecure families in your community by holding a food drive Here's what you need: Paper or recyclable grocery bags Fliers and markers Tape or staples Here's how you do it! Call a local food pantry or soup kitchen and find out what food items they need Design fliers announcing that your family is conducting a neighborhood food drive Tape or staple the flier to the paper or recyclable grocery bag Deliver the bag to a neighbors house so they can fill it with food items Make sure you announce what day you will be collecting the bags On the collection day, retrieve the bags from your neighbors Deliver the bags to the local food pantry or soup kitchen Interesting fact: The quick rise in food prices between June 2010 and February 2011 has pushed an additional 44 million people into poverty. Reflection questions: What was the most important food item needed at the food pantry or soup kitchen? Do you think your food drive made a difference in your...

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