You CAN do it! Food Collection

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Food Drive
Did you know? More than enough food is wasted in America than is needed to feed everyone in the country who experiences food insecurity and hunger. Imagine being super hungry and not having any food in the house! Project: Collect canned food or other nonperishable food to donate to a food bank or soup kitchen. Here's what you need: Clean grocery bags or shopping bags Stuff for making flyers - markers, paper, tape or stapler A place where your collected food can be donated (food banks, soup kitchens, shelters) Compassion for hungry people in your neighborhood Here's how! Ask your caregiver, "Where can people in our community who don't have money for food get something to eat?" Call food collection groups near you. Ask something like: "I want to start helping out in some way. What do you need right now?" Make flyers and get the word out! Be sure to let everyone know: - who you are and what your project is - what food you are collecting - who will get to eat the food (i.e., the collection group) - when and where will the food be picked up Tape or staple a flyer to each bag. Drop...

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