Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Safety

Kids & Teens:

Hurricanes affect specific areas. Some people might need special supplies or help after a hurricane. Ask your parents about who is going to be affected by Hurricane Sandy and how you can help. See below for project instructions.



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We ask everyone to provide comfort and warmth for evacuees by creating blanket hugs.

You can make donations to the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Share your service here so a child in need can also receive a toy.


Many families have to stay in shelters during and after hurricanes because it is not safe to stay in their homes. Use these projects to collect items those families might need or to make gifts to comfort children. Ask a parent to help you get the supplies to an evacuation shelter.

Dimes for Diapers

Pillow Pals

Duffel Bags

Chain for Life

Activity Kits

Food Collection

Coloring Books


Many families had to evacuate their homes unexpectedly during Hurricane Sandy. For children, this can be very stressful and scary. You can comfort these children by creating a Home in a Bag filled with items children might want or need while away from home.

Help with disaster response with by taking part in the  Hurricane Sandy Coin Collection.

You can use these projects to help your community be prepared for a hurricane or other emergency:

Pets and Disaster Safety

Seniors and Disaster Safety

Shelter Readiness


Show community members affected by the hurricane that you care by preparing care packages and blankets for them:

Hurricane Helpers

Blanket Hugs

You can use these projects to help your community be prepared for a hurricane or other emergency:

Black Out Boxes

First Aid Kits

Charged for Life

Raise the Dough to Go

Coin Collection for Hurricane Sandy

To help younger kids understand how hurricanes affect families and animals, we suggest reading Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival by Mary Nethery and Kirby Larson. Click here to read our interview with the author and illustrator.

If you are 17 or older, you can also consider giving blood through the American Red Cross. Some states allow donors to be as young as 16. Click here to learn more and find a location near you.

Service Clubs

Service Clubs can respond to Hurricane Sandy and help their communities prepare for hurricanes using the Disaster Preparation and Response Projects

Kids Care Clubs has many projects and resources to help your club respond to Hurricane Sandy.

Our suggested projects:

Coin Collections 

Blanket Hugs


Learning to Give offers classroom lessons, briefing papers and additional resources on the topic of disaster relief. Like all Learning to Give lessons, they are coded to all 50 state and Common Core academic standards. 

Disaster Relief Lessons and Resources

All Grown-Ups:

GenerationOn's parent organization, Points of Light, is working closely with our HandsOn Network affiliates and partner agencies to coordinate the volunteer response in the communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy to ensure a coordinated response. More than 10,000 volunteers have been engaged through our affiliates.

Ways to engage now:

We request that you do NOT self- deploy to the impacted region at this time. Given the above stated challenges if you do deploy you should have an opportunity and housing identified prior to arriving. As volunteer housing becomes available we will update our website with that information.