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visit Play fun games and activities with your friends while learning how you can help make the world a better place.
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International Friendship Day, July 30th, celebrates the power and importance of friendship—just like the characters in My Little Pony.

​Did you know that each pony represents an Element of Harmony that can help a child be a good friend? Pinkie Pie represents laughter, Fluttershy represents kindness, Applejack represents honesty, Rainbow Dash represents loyalty, Rarity represents generosity and Twilight Sparkle represents the magic of friendship!

And did you know that each pony uses her special gift to make the world a better place?

Visit to discover fun activities you can do with friends, and find resources for kids and parents to help you make a difference.

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Congratulations! You’ve made your mark on the world with My Little Pony through friendship and service. Share a photo and tell us what you’ve done and receive a My Little Pony poster!

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You can help kids experience the magic of friendship all year long! Donate to generationOn to help kids make a difference through volunteer service to a cause you and your favorite pony care about.