Stages of Service-Learning

The service-learning process takes students through the stages of Investigation, Preparation, Action, Reflection, Demonstration and Evaluation. Check out these tools from generationOn that will help every step of the way!

The IPARDE Process 

Kids Painting

IPARDE Planning Guide and Checklist

Service-Learning Planning Worksheet

Youth Voice Spectrum


Investigation: Use critical thinking to identify and analyze community needs and assets and student interests, skills and talents. 

Preparation: Get ready to take action through service by gaining knowledge and skills aligned with academic objectives. Collaborate with community partners to create a service plan that addresses identified community need(s).

Action: Engage in meaningful and creative service that enhances learning and provides guided practice in social responsibility. 

Reflection: Communicate feelings, experiences and learnings before, during and after the action phase. 

Demonstration: Showcase the service-learning experience, demonstrating insights and outcomes to the community.


Evaluation: Assess student learning and the service-learning experience as a whole to identify successes and areas for improvement.