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GenerationOn is with you every step of the way, helping to make your family's day of service as meaningful as possible with:

Issues Education: information about social issues in kid friendly, fact-sheet form

Compassion Education Stories: read-aloud stories to help young people understand and relate to social issues

Book Talk: interviews with the authors of our recommended children 's books to help families discuss and feel connected to social issues

New Project Ideas: for families, organized by issue area and complete with reflection activities

More Articles: for parents written by professionals and researchers in the field of positive youth development and youth civic engagement

Volunteering as a family:

  • teaches children the values of kindness, empathy and giving back; 
  • empowers children to become leaders of change in their communities; 
  • showcases and hones the talents of family members as they work on issues they feel passionate about; 
  • builds problem solving skills and strengthens communication within the whole family; 
  • provides a fun way for families to make memories together while making significant contributions to their communities.